1 Chronicles 1

1 Adam, Seth, Eʹnosh,

2 Keʹnan, Mahalʹalel, Jaʹred,

3 Eʹnoch, Methuʹselah, Laʹmech,

4 Noah, Shem, Ham, and Jaʹpheth.

5 The sons of Jaʹpheth were Goʹmer, Maʹgog, Maʹdai, Jaʹvan, Tuʹbal, Meʹshech, and Tiʹras.

6 The sons of Goʹmer were Ashʹkenaz, Riʹphath, and Togarʹmah.

7 The sons of Jaʹvan were Eliʹshah, Tarʹshish, Kitʹtim, and Roʹdanim.

8 The sons of Ham were Cush, Mizʹraim, Put, and Caʹnaan.

9 The sons of Cush were Seʹba, Havʹilah, Sabʹtah, Raʹamah, and Sabʹteca. The sons of Raʹamah were Sheʹba and Deʹdan.

10 Cush became father to Nimʹrod. He was the first to become a mighty one on the earth.

11 Mizʹraim became father to Luʹdim, Anʹamim, Lehaʹbim, Naphtuʹhim,

12 Pathruʹsim, Casluʹhim (from whom the Philisʹtines came), and Caphʹtorim.

13 Caʹnaan became father to Siʹdon, his firstborn, and Heth,

14 as well as the Jebʹusite, the Amʹorite, the Girʹgashite,

15 the Hiʹvite, the Arkʹite, the Siʹnite,

16 the Arʹvadite, the Zemʹarite, and the Haʹmathite.

17 The sons of Shem were Eʹlam, Asʹshur, Arpachʹshad, Lud, and Aʹram, and Uz, Hul, Geʹther, and Mash.

18 Arpachʹshad became father to Sheʹlah, and Sheʹlah became father to Eʹber.

19 Two sons were born to Eʹber. The name of the one was Peʹleg, because in his lifetime the earth was divided. The name of his brother was Jokʹtan.

20 Jokʹtan became father to Almoʹdad, Sheʹleph, Hazarmaʹveth, Jeʹrah,

21 Hadoʹram, Uʹzal, Dikʹlah,

22 Oʹbal, Abimʹael, Sheʹba,

23 Oʹphir, Havʹilah, and Joʹbab; all of these were the sons of Jokʹtan.

24 Shem, Arpachʹshad, Sheʹlah,

25 Eʹber, Peʹleg, Reʹu,

26 Seʹrug, Naʹhor, Teʹrah,

27 Aʹbram, that is, Abraham.

28 The sons of Abraham were Isaac and Ishʹmael.

29 These are their family origins: Ishʹmael’s firstborn Nebaʹioth, then Keʹdar, Adʹbeel, Mibʹsam,

30 Mishʹma, Duʹmah, Masʹsa, Haʹdad, Teʹma,

31 Jeʹtur, Naʹphish, and Kedʹemah. These were the sons of Ishʹmael.

32 The sons that Ketuʹrah, Abraham’s concubine, gave birth to were Zimʹran, Jokʹshan, Meʹdan, Midʹian, Ishʹbak, and Shuʹah. The sons of Jokʹshan were Sheʹba and Deʹdan.

33 The sons of Midʹian were Eʹphah, Eʹpher, Haʹnoch, Abiʹda, and Eldaʹah. All of these were the sons of Ketuʹrah.

34 Abraham became father to Isaac. The sons of Isaac were Eʹsau and Israel.

35 The sons of Eʹsau were Elʹiphaz, Reuʹel, Jeʹush, Jaʹlam, and Korʹah.

36 The sons of Elʹiphaz were Teʹman, Oʹmar, Zeʹpho, Gaʹtam, Keʹnaz, Timʹna, and Amʹalek.

37 The sons of Reuʹel were Naʹhath, Zeʹrah, Shamʹmah, and Mizʹzah.

38 The sons of Seʹir were Loʹtan, Shoʹbal, Zibʹeon, Aʹnah, Diʹshon, Eʹzer, and Diʹshan.

39 The sons of Loʹtan were Hoʹri and Hoʹmam. Loʹtan’s sister was Timʹna.

40 The sons of Shoʹbal were Alʹvan, Manʹahath, Eʹbal, Sheʹpho, and Oʹnam. The sons of Zibʹeon were Aʹiah and Aʹnah.

41 The son of Aʹnah was Diʹshon. The sons of Diʹshon were Hemʹdan, Eshʹban, Ithʹran, and Cheʹran.

42 The sons of Eʹzer were Bilʹhan, Zaʹavan, and Aʹkan. The sons of Diʹshan were Uz and Aʹran.

43 These are the kings who reigned in the land of Eʹdom before any king reigned over the Israelites: Beʹla the son of Beʹor; the name of his city was Dinʹhabah.

44 When Beʹla died, Joʹbab the son of Zeʹrah from Bozʹrah began to reign in his place.

45 When Joʹbab died, Huʹsham from the land of the Teʹmanites began to reign in his place.

46 When Huʹsham died, Haʹdad the son of Beʹdad, who defeated Midʹian in the territory of Moʹab, began to reign in his place. The name of his city was Aʹvith.

47 When Haʹdad died, Samʹlah from Masreʹkah began to reign in his place.

48 When Samʹlah died, Shaʹul from Rehoʹboth by the River began to reign in his place.

49 When Shaʹul died, Baʹal-haʹnan the son of Achʹbor began to reign in his place.

50 When Baʹal-haʹnan died, Haʹdad began to reign in his place. The name of his city was Paʹu, and the name of his wife was Mehetʹabel the daughter of Maʹtred, the daughter of Meʹzahab.

51 Then Haʹdad died. The sheikhs of Eʹdom were Sheikh Timʹna, Sheikh Alʹvah, Sheikh Jeʹtheth,

52 Sheikh Oholibaʹmah, Sheikh Eʹlah, Sheikh Piʹnon,

53 Sheikh Keʹnaz, Sheikh Teʹman, Sheikh Mibʹzar,

54 Sheikh Magʹdiel, Sheikh Iʹram. These were the sheikhs of Eʹdom.