1 Chronicles 2

1 These were the sons of Israel: Reuʹben, Simʹeon, Leʹvi, Judah, Isʹsachar, Zebʹulun,

2 Dan, Joseph, Benjamin, Naphʹtali, Gad, and Ashʹer.

3 The sons of Judah were Er, Oʹnan, and Sheʹlah. These three were born to him from Shuʹa’s daughter, the Caʹnaanitess. But Er, Judah’s firstborn, was displeasing to Jehovah, so He put him to death.

4 Taʹmar, Judah’s daughter-in-law, bore to him Peʹrez and Zeʹrah. Judah had five sons in all.

5 The sons of Peʹrez were Hezʹron and Haʹmul.

6 The sons of Zeʹrah were Zimʹri, Eʹthan, Heʹman, Calʹcol, and Daʹra. There were five of them in all.

7 The son of Carʹmi was Aʹchar, who brought disaster on Israel, who was unfaithful with regard to what had been devoted to destruction.

8 The son of Eʹthan was Azariʹah.

9 The sons of Hezʹron who were born to him were Jerahʹmeel, Ram, and Cheluʹbai.

10 Ram became father to Amminʹadab. Amminʹadab became father to Nahʹshon the chieftain of the descendants of Judah.

11 Nahʹshon became father to Salʹma. Salʹma became father to Boʹaz.

12 Boʹaz became father to Oʹbed. Oʹbed became father to Jesʹse.

13 Jesʹse became father to his firstborn Eliʹab, Abinʹadab the second, Shimʹea the third,

14 Nethanʹel the fourth, Radʹdai the fifth,

15 Oʹzem the sixth, and David the seventh.

16 Their sisters were Zeruʹiah and Abʹigail. The sons of Zeruʹiah were Abishʹai, Joʹab, and Asʹahel, three.

17 Abʹigail gave birth to Amaʹsa, and the father of Amaʹsa was Jeʹther the Ishʹmaelite.

18 Caʹleb the son of Hezʹron became father to sons by his wife Azuʹbah and by Jerʹioth; and these were her sons: Jeʹsher, Shoʹbab, and Arʹdon.

19 When Azuʹbah died, Caʹleb married Ephʹrath, and she bore Hur to him.

20 Hur became father to Uʹri. Uʹri became father to Bezʹalel.

21 Afterward Hezʹron had relations with the daughter of Maʹchir the father of Gilʹead. He married her when he was 60 years old, and she bore Seʹgub to him.

22 Seʹgub became father to Jaʹir, who had 23 cities in the land of Gilʹead.

23 Later Geshʹur and Syria took Havʹvoth-jaʹir from them, along with Keʹnath and its dependent towns, 60 cities. All of these were the descendants of Maʹchir the father of Gilʹead.

24 After the death of Hezʹron in Caʹleb-ephʹrathah, Abiʹjah the wife of Hezʹron bore him Ashʹhur the father of Tekoʹa.

25 The sons of Jerahʹmeel the firstborn of Hezʹron were Ram the firstborn, Buʹnah, Oʹren, Oʹzem, and Ahiʹjah.

26 Jerahʹmeel had another wife, whose name was Atʹarah. She was the mother of Oʹnam.

27 The sons of Ram the firstborn of Jerahʹmeel were Maʹaz, Jaʹmin, and Eʹker.

28 The sons of Oʹnam were Shamʹmai and Jaʹda. The sons of Shamʹmai were Naʹdab and Abiʹshur.

29 The name of Abiʹshur’s wife was Abʹihail, who bore him Ahʹban and Moʹlid.

30 The sons of Naʹdab were Seʹled and Apʹpaim. But Seʹled died without sons.

31 The son of Apʹpaim was Ishʹi. And the son of Ishʹi was Sheʹshan, and the son of Sheʹshan, Ahʹlai.

32 The sons of Jaʹda the brother of Shamʹmai were Jeʹther and Jonʹathan. But Jeʹther died without sons.

33 The sons of Jonʹathan were Peʹleth and Zaʹza. These were the descendants of Jerahʹmeel.

34 Sheʹshan had no sons, only daughters. Now Sheʹshan had an Egyptian servant whose name was Jarʹha.

35 Sheʹshan gave his daughter to be the wife of his servant Jarʹha, and she bore him Atʹtai.

36 Atʹtai became father to Nathan. Nathan became father to Zaʹbad.

37 Zaʹbad became father to Ephʹlal. Ephʹlal became father to Oʹbed.

38 Oʹbed became father to Jeʹhu. Jeʹhu became father to Azariʹah.

39 Azariʹah became father to Heʹlez. Heʹlez became father to Eleaʹsah.

40 Eleaʹsah became father to Sisʹmai. Sisʹmai became father to Shalʹlum.

41 Shalʹlum became father to Jekamiʹah. Jekamiʹah became father to Elishʹama.

42 The sons of Caʹleb the brother of Jerahʹmeel were Meʹsha his firstborn, who was the father of Ziph, and the sons of Mareʹshah the father of Hebʹron.

43 The sons of Hebʹron were Korʹah, Tapʹpuah, Reʹkem, and Sheʹma.

44 Sheʹma became father to Raʹham the father of Jorʹkeam. Reʹkem became father to Shamʹmai.

45 The son of Shamʹmai was Maʹon. Maʹon was the father of Beth-zur.

46 Caʹleb’s concubine Eʹphah gave birth to Haʹran, Moʹza, and Gaʹzez. Haʹran became father to Gaʹzez.

47 The sons of Jahʹdai were Reʹgem, Joʹtham, Geʹshan, Pelʹet, Eʹphah, and Shaʹaph.

48 Caʹleb’s concubine Maʹacah gave birth to Sheʹber and Tirʹhanah.

49 In time she bore Shaʹaph the father of Madmanʹnah and Sheʹva the father of Machbeʹnah and Gibʹea. Caʹleb’s daughter was Achʹsah.

50 These were the descendants of Caʹleb. The sons of Hur the firstborn of Ephʹrathah were Shoʹbal the father of Kirʹiath-jeʹarim,

51 Salʹma the father of Bethʹlehem, and Haʹreph the father of Beth-gaʹder.

52 Shoʹbal the father of Kirʹiath-jeʹarim had sons: Haroʹeh and half of the Menuʹhoth.

53 The families of Kirʹiath-jeʹarim were the Ithʹrites, the Puʹthites, the Shuʹmathites, and the Mishʹraites. It was from these that the Zoʹrathites and the Eshʹtaolites came.

54 The sons of Salʹma were Bethʹlehem, the Netophʹathites, Atʹroth-beth-joʹab, half of the Manahaʹthites, and the Zorʹites.

55 The families of the scribes dwelling at Jaʹbez were the Tiʹrathites, the Shimʹeathites, and the Suʹcathites. These were the Kenʹites who came from Hamʹmath the father of the house of Reʹchab.