1 Chronicles 27

1 This is the number of Israelites, the heads of the paternal houses, the chiefs of the thousands and of the hundreds, and their officers who ministered to the king in every matter of the divisions that would come in and go out month by month during all the months of the year; there were 24,000 in each division.

2 Over the first division of the first month was Jashoʹbeam the son of Zabʹdiel, and 24,000 were in his division.

3 Of the sons of Peʹrez, he was the head of all the chiefs of the groups assigned to serve during the first month.

4 Over the division of the second month was Doʹdai the Ahoʹhite with his division, and Mikʹloth was the leader, and 24,000 were in his division.

5 The chief of the third group assigned to serve during the third month was Benaiʹah the son of Jehoiʹada the chief priest, and 24,000 were in his division.

6 This Benaiʹah was a mighty warrior of the thirty and in charge of the thirty, and over his division was his son Ammizʹabad.

7 The fourth for the fourth month was Asʹahel, Joʹab’s brother, and his son Zebadiʹah after him, and 24,000 were in his division.

8 The fifth chief for the fifth month was Shamʹhuth the Izʹrahite, and 24,000 were in his division.

9 The sixth for the sixth month was Iʹra the son of Ikʹkesh the Tekoʹite, and 24,000 were in his division.

10 The seventh for the seventh month was Heʹlez the Pelʹonite of the Eʹphraimites, and 24,000 were in his division.

11 The eighth for the eighth month was Sibʹbecai the Huʹshathite of the Zeʹrahites, and 24,000 were in his division.

12 The ninth for the ninth month was Abi-eʹzer the Anʹathothite of the Benʹjaminites, and 24,000 were in his division.

13 The tenth for the tenth month was Maʹharai the Netophʹathite of the Zeʹrahites, and 24,000 were in his division.

14 The 11th for the 11th month was Benaiʹah the Pirʹathonite of the sons of Eʹphraim, and 24,000 were in his division.

15 The 12th for the 12th month was Helʹdai the Netophʹathite, of Othʹniel, and 24,000 were in his division.

16 These were the leaders of the tribes of Israel: Of the Reuʹbenites, Elieʹzer the son of Zichʹri was leader; of the Simʹeonites, Shephatiʹah the son of Maʹacah;

17 of Leʹvi, Hashabiʹah the son of Kemuʹel; of Aaron, Zaʹdok;

18 of Judah, Eliʹhu, one of David’s brothers; of Isʹsachar, Omʹri the son of Miʹchael;

19 of Zebʹulun, Ishmaʹiah the son of Obadiʹah; of Naphʹtali, Jerʹimoth the son of Azʹriel;

20 of the Eʹphraimites, Hosheʹa the son of Azaziʹah; of the half tribe of Manasʹseh, Joel the son of Pedaiʹah;

21 of the half tribe of Manasʹseh in Gilʹead, Idʹdo the son of Zechariʹah; of Benjamin, Jaasiʹel the son of Abʹner;

22 of Dan, Azʹarel the son of Jeroʹham. These were the princes of the tribes of Israel.

23 David did not count those 20 years of age and under, because Jehovah had promised to make Israel as many as the stars of the heavens.

24 Joʹab the son of Zeruʹiah had started to take the count, but he did not finish; and God’s anger came against Israel because of this, and the number was not entered into the account of the history of the times of King David.

25 Over the treasuries of the king was Azʹmaveth the son of Adʹiel. Jonʹathan the son of Uzziʹah was over the storehouses in the fields, in the cities, in the villages, and in the towers.

26 Over the field workers who cultivated the soil was Ezʹri the son of Cheʹlub.

27 Shimʹei the Raʹmathite was over the vineyards; over the produce of the vineyards for the wine supplies was Zabʹdi the Shiphʹmite.

28 Over the olive groves and the sycamore trees in the Shepheʹlah was Baʹal-haʹnan the Gedeʹrite; over the oil supplies was Joʹash.

29 Over the herds that grazed in Sharʹon was Shitʹrai the Sharʹonite, and Shaʹphat the son of Adʹlai was over the herds in the valley plains.

30 Over the camels was Oʹbil the Ishʹmaelite; over the donkeys was Jehdeʹiah the Meronʹothite.

31 Over the flocks was Jaʹziz the Hagʹrite. All of these were the chiefs of King David’s property.

32 Jonʹathan, David’s nephew, was an adviser, a man of understanding and a secretary, and Jehiʹel the son of Hachʹmoni looked after the king’s sons.

33 Ahithʹophel was an adviser to the king, and Huʹshai the Arʹchite was the king’s friend.

34 After Ahithʹophel there were Jehoiʹada the son of Benaiʹah and Abiʹathar; and Joʹab was chief of the king’s army.