1 Chronicles 3

1 These were the sons of David who were born to him in Hebʹron: the firstborn Amʹnon, whose mother was Ahinʹoam of Jezʹreel; the second, Daniel, whose mother was Abʹigail the Carʹmelite;

2 the third, Abʹsalom the son of Maʹacah the daughter of Talʹmai the king of Geshʹur; the fourth, Adoniʹjah the son of Hagʹgith;

3 the fifth, Shephatiʹah, whose mother was Abiʹtal; and the sixth, Ithʹream, whose mother was David’s wife Egʹlah.

4 These six were born to him in Hebʹron; he reigned there for 7 years and 6 months, and for 33 years he reigned in Jerusalem.

5 These were born to him in Jerusalem: Shimʹea, Shoʹbab, Nathan, and Solʹomon; the mother of these four was Bath-sheʹba the daughter of Amʹmiel.

6 And nine other sons were Ibʹhar, Elishʹama, Eliphʹelet,

7 Noʹgah, Neʹpheg, Japhiʹa,

8 Elishʹama, Eliʹada, and Eliphʹelet.

9 All of these were the sons of David, besides the sons of the concubines, and Taʹmar was their sister.

10 The son of Solʹomon was Rehoboʹam; Abiʹjah was his son, Aʹsa his son, Jehoshʹaphat his son,

11 Jehoʹram his son, Ahaziʹah his son, Jehoʹash his son,

12 Amaziʹah his son, Azariʹah his son, Joʹtham his son,

13 Aʹhaz his son, Hezekiʹah his son, Manasʹseh his son,

14 Aʹmon his son, Josiʹah his son.

15 The sons of Josiʹah were the firstborn, Johaʹnan, the second, Jehoiʹakim, the third, Zedekiʹah, the fourth, Shalʹlum.

16 The sons of Jehoiʹakim were Jeconiʹah his son and Zedekiʹah his son.

17 The sons of Jeconiʹah the prisoner were Shealʹtiel,

18 Malchiʹram, Pedaiʹah, Shenazʹzar, Jekamiʹah, Hoshʹama, and Nedabiʹah.

19 The sons of Pedaiʹah were Zerubʹbabel and Shimʹei; and the sons of Zerubʹbabel were Meshulʹlam and Hananiʹah (and Sheloʹmith was their sister);

20 and five other sons were Hashuʹbah, Oʹhel, Berechiʹah, Hasadiʹah, and Juʹshab-heʹsed.

21 And the sons of Hananiʹah were Pelatiʹah and Jeshaʹiah; the son of Jeshaʹiah was Rephaʹiah; the son of Rephaʹiah was Arʹnan; the son of Arʹnan was Obadiʹah; the son of Obadiʹah was Shecaniʹah;

22 and the sons of Shecaniʹah were Shemaiʹah and the sons of Shemaiʹah: Hatʹtush, Iʹgal, Bariʹah, Neariʹah, and Shaʹphat—six in all.

23 And the sons of Neariʹah were Elioeʹnai, Hizkiʹah, and Azriʹkam, three.

24 And the sons of Elioeʹnai were Hodaviʹah, Eliʹashib, Pelaʹiah, Akʹkub, Johaʹnan, Delaʹiah, and Anaʹni, seven.