1 Chronicles 6

1 The sons of Leʹvi were Gerʹshon, Koʹhath, and Merarʹi.

2 The sons of Koʹhath were Amʹram, Izʹhar, Hebʹron, and Uzʹziel.

3 The children of Amʹram were Aaron, Moses, and also Mirʹiam. And the sons of Aaron were Naʹdab, Abiʹhu, Eleaʹzar, and Ithʹamar.

4 Eleaʹzar became father to Phinʹehas; Phinʹehas became father to Abishuʹa.

5 Abishuʹa became father to Bukʹki; Bukʹki became father to Uzʹzi.

6 Uzʹzi became father to Zerahiʹah; Zerahiʹah became father to Meraʹioth.

7 Meraʹioth became father to Amariʹah; Amariʹah became father to Ahiʹtub.

8 Ahiʹtub became father to Zaʹdok; Zaʹdok became father to Ahimʹaaz.

9 Ahimʹaaz became father to Azariʹah; Azariʹah became father to Johaʹnan.

10 Johaʹnan became father to Azariʹah. He served as priest in the house that Solʹomon built in Jerusalem.

11 Azariʹah became father to Amariʹah; Amariʹah became father to Ahiʹtub.

12 Ahiʹtub became father to Zaʹdok; Zaʹdok became father to Shalʹlum.

13 Shalʹlum became father to Hilkiʹah; Hilkiʹah became father to Azariʹah.

14 Azariʹah became father to Seraiʹah; Seraiʹah became father to Jehozʹadak.

15 And Jehozʹadak went into exile when Jehovah took Judah and Jerusalem into exile by the hand of Nebuchadnezʹzar.

16 The sons of Leʹvi were Gerʹshom, Koʹhath, and Merarʹi.

17 These are the names of the sons of Gerʹshom: Libʹni and Shimʹei.

18 The sons of Koʹhath were Amʹram, Izʹhar, Hebʹron, and Uzʹziel.

19 The sons of Merarʹi were Mahʹli and Muʹshi. These were the families of the Levites by their forefathers:

20 Of Gerʹshom, Libʹni his son, Jaʹhath his son, Zimʹmah his son,

21 Joʹah his son, Idʹdo his son, Zeʹrah his son, Jeathʹerai his son.

22 The sons of Koʹhath were Amminʹadab his son, Korʹah his son, Asʹsir his son,

23 Elkaʹnah his son, Ebiʹasaph his son, Asʹsir his son,

24 Taʹhath his son, Uriʹel his son, Uzziʹah his son, and Shaʹul his son.

25 The sons of Elkaʹnah were Amaʹsai and Ahiʹmoth.

26 As for Elkaʹnah, the sons of Elkaʹnah were Zoʹphai his son, Naʹhath his son,

27 Eliʹab his son, Jeroʹham his son, Elkaʹnah his son.

28 The sons of Samuel were Joel the firstborn and Abiʹjah the second.

29 The sons of Merarʹi were Mahʹli, Libʹni his son, Shimʹei his son, Uzʹzah his son,

30 Shimʹea his son, Haggiʹah his son, and Asaiʹah his son.

31 These were the ones whom David appointed to direct the singing at the house of Jehovah after the Ark came to rest there.

32 They were responsible for the singing at the tabernacle of the tent of meeting until Solʹomon built the house of Jehovah in Jerusalem, and they carried out their service as prescribed for them.

33 These are the men who served with their sons: Of the Koʹhathites, Heʹman the singer, son of Joel son of Samuel

34 son of Elkaʹnah son of Jeroʹham son of Eʹliel son of Toʹah

35 son of Zuph son of Elkaʹnah son of Maʹhath son of Amaʹsai

36 son of Elkaʹnah son of Joel son of Azariʹah son of Zephaniʹah

37 son of Taʹhath son of Asʹsir son of Ebiʹasaph son of Korʹah

38 son of Izʹhar son of Koʹhath son of Leʹvi son of Israel.

39 His brother Aʹsaph stood at his right hand; Aʹsaph was son of Berechiʹah son of Shimʹea

40 son of Miʹchael son of Baaseʹiah son of Malchiʹjah

41 son of Ethʹni son of Zeʹrah son of Adaiʹah

42 son of Eʹthan son of Zimʹmah son of Shimʹei

43 son of Jaʹhath son of Gerʹshom son of Leʹvi.

44 The descendants of Merarʹi their brothers were at the left hand; there was Eʹthan son of Kishʹi son of Abʹdi son of Malʹluch

45 son of Hashabiʹah son of Amaziʹah son of Hilkiʹah

46 son of Amʹzi son of Baʹni son of Sheʹmer

47 son of Mahʹli son of Muʹshi son of Merarʹi son of Leʹvi.

48 Their brothers the Levites were appointed for all the service of the tabernacle, the house of the true God.

49 Aaron and his sons made the sacrifices smoke on the altar of burnt offering and on the altar of incense, performing the duties connected with the most holy things, to make atonement for Israel, according to all that Moses the servant of the true God had commanded.

50 These were the descendants of Aaron: Eleaʹzar his son, Phinʹehas his son, Abishuʹa his son,

51 Bukʹki his son, Uzʹzi his son, Zerahiʹah his son,

52 Meraʹioth his son, Amariʹah his son, Ahiʹtub his son,

53 Zaʹdok his son, and Ahimʹaaz his son.

54 These were their settlements by their encampments in their territory: for the descendants of Aaron belonging to the family of the Koʹhathites, as the first lot fell to them,

55 they gave them Hebʹron in the land of Judah, with its surrounding pastures.

56 But the field of the city and its settlements they gave to Caʹleb the son of Jephunʹneh.

57 And to the descendants of Aaron they gave the cities of refuge, Hebʹron, also Libʹnah with its pastures, Jatʹtir, Eshtemoʹa with its pastures,

58 Hiʹlen with its pastures, Deʹbir with its pastures,

59 Aʹshan with its pastures, and Beth-sheʹmesh with its pastures;

60 and from the tribe of Benjamin, Geʹba with its pastures, Alʹemeth with its pastures, and Anʹathoth with its pastures. All their cities for their families were 13 cities.

61 To the rest of the Koʹhathites, there were allotted ten cities, from the family of the tribe, from the half tribe, the half of Manasʹseh.

62 To the Gerʹshomites by their families they assigned 13 cities from the tribe of Isʹsachar, the tribe of Ashʹer, the tribe of Naphʹtali, and the tribe of Manasʹseh in Baʹshan.

63 To the Merarʹites by their families they assigned by lot 12 cities from the tribe of Reuʹben, the tribe of Gad, and the tribe of Zebʹulun.

64 Thus the Israelites gave the Levites these cities with their pastures.

65 Furthermore, they assigned by lot these cities from the tribe of Judah, the tribe of Simʹeon, and the tribe of Benjamin, which are mentioned by their names.

66 Some of the Koʹhathite families had cities from the tribe of Eʹphraim as their territory.

67 They gave them the cities of refuge, Sheʹchem with its pastures in the mountainous region of Eʹphraim, Geʹzer with its pastures,

68 Jokʹmeam with its pastures, Beth-hoʹron with its pastures,

69 Aiʹjalon with its pastures, and Gath-rimʹmon with its pastures;

70 and from half of the tribe of Manasʹseh, Aʹner with its pastures and Bilʹeam with its pastures, to the rest of the families of the Koʹhathites.

71 To the Gerʹshomites they assigned from the family of the half tribe of Manasʹseh, Goʹlan in Baʹshan with its pastures and Ashʹtaroth with its pastures;

72 and from the tribe of Isʹsachar, Keʹdesh with its pastures, Dabʹerath with its pastures,

73 Raʹmoth with its pastures, and Aʹnem with its pastures;

74 and from the tribe of Ashʹer, Maʹshal with its pastures, Abʹdon with its pastures,

75 Huʹkok with its pastures, and Reʹhob with its pastures;

76 and from the tribe of Naphʹtali, Keʹdesh in Galʹilee with its pastures, Hamʹmon with its pastures, and Kiriathaʹim with its pastures.

77 To the rest of the Merarʹites they assigned from the tribe of Zebʹulun, Rimʹmono with its pastures, Taʹbor with its pastures;

78 and in the region of the Jordan at Jerʹicho, to the east of the Jordan, from the tribe of Reuʹben, they were given Beʹzer in the wilderness with its pastures, Jaʹhaz with its pastures,

79 Kedʹemoth with its pastures, and Mephʹaath with its pastures;

80 and from the tribe of Gad, Raʹmoth in Gilʹead with its pastures, Mahanaʹim with its pastures,

81 Heshʹbon with its pastures, and Jaʹzer with its pastures.