1 Chronicles 7

1 Now the sons of Isʹsachar were Toʹla, Puʹah, Jaʹshub, and Shimʹron—four.

2 And the sons of Toʹla were Uzʹzi, Rephaʹiah, Jeʹriel, Jahʹmai, Ibʹsam, and Shemuʹel, the heads of their paternal houses. Descended from Toʹla were mighty warriors, whose number in the days of David was 22,600.

3 And the descendants of Uzʹzi were Izrahiʹah and the sons of Izrahiʹah: Miʹchael, Obadiʹah, Joel, and Isshiʹah—all five of them were chiefs.

4 And with them by their descendants, according to their paternal houses, there were 36,000 soldiers in their army available for war, for they had many wives and sons.

5 And their brothers of all the families of Isʹsachar were mighty warriors, 87,000 as listed in the genealogical enrollment.

6 The sons of Benjamin were Beʹla, Beʹcher, and Jediʹael—three.

7 And the sons of Beʹla were Ezʹbon, Uzʹzi, Uzʹziel, Jerʹimoth, and Iʹri—five—heads of their paternal houses, mighty warriors, and 22,034 were in their genealogical enrollment.

8 And the sons of Beʹcher were Zemiʹrah, Joʹash, Elieʹzer, Elioeʹnai, Omʹri, Jerʹemoth, Abiʹjah, Anʹathoth, and Alʹemeth—all of these were the sons of Beʹcher.

9 Their genealogical enrollment by their descendants as respects the heads of their paternal houses was 20,200 mighty warriors.

10 And the sons of Jediʹael were Bilʹhan and the sons of Bilʹhan: Jeʹush, Benjamin, Eʹhud, Chenaʹanah, Zeʹthan, Tarʹshish, and Ahishʹahar.

11 All of these were the sons of Jediʹael, according to the heads of their forefathers, 17,200 mighty warriors ready to go out to the army for war.

12 The Shupʹpim and the Hupʹpim were the sons of Ir; the Huʹshim were the sons of Aʹher.

13 The sons of Naphʹtali were Jahʹziel, Guʹni, Jeʹzer, and Shalʹlum—descendants of Bilʹhah.

14 The sons of Manasʹseh: Asʹriel, whom his Syrian concubine bore. (She bore Maʹchir the father of Gilʹead.

15 Maʹchir took a wife for Hupʹpim and for Shupʹpim, and the name of his sister was Maʹacah.) The name of the second was Zeloʹphehad, but Zeloʹphehad had daughters.

16 Maʹacah, Maʹchir’s wife, bore a son and named him Peʹresh; and the name of his brother was Sheʹresh; and his sons were Uʹlam and Reʹkem.

17 And the son of Uʹlam was Beʹdan. These were the sons of Gilʹead son of Maʹchir son of Manasʹseh.

18 And his sister was Hammoʹlecheth. She gave birth to Ishʹhod, Abi-eʹzer, and Mahʹlah.

19 And the sons of Shemiʹda were Ahiʹan, Sheʹchem, Likʹhi, and Aniʹam.

20 The sons of Eʹphraim were Shuʹthelah, Beʹred his son, Taʹhath his son, Eleaʹdah his son, Taʹhath his son,

21 Zaʹbad his son, Shuʹthelah his son, Eʹzer, and Eʹlead. The men of Gath who were born in the land killed them because they went down to take their livestock.

22 Eʹphraim their father carried on mourning for many days, and his brothers kept coming in to comfort him.

23 Afterward he had relations with his wife, and she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. But he named him Beriʹah because it was with calamity that she was in his house.

24 And his daughter was Sheʹerah, who built Lower and Upper Beth-hoʹron and Uzʹzen-sheʹerah.

25 And there was Reʹphah his son, Reʹsheph, Teʹlah his son, Taʹhan his son,

26 Laʹdan his son, Ammiʹhud his son, Elishʹama his son,

27 Nun his son, and Joshua his son.

28 Their possession and their settlements were Bethʹel and its dependent towns, and to the east Naʹaran, and to the west Geʹzer and its dependent towns, and Sheʹchem and its dependent towns, as far as Ayʹyah and its dependent towns;

29 and next to the descendants of Manasʹseh, Beth-sheʹan and its dependent towns, Taʹanach and its dependent towns, Megidʹdo and its dependent towns, and Dor and its dependent towns. In these the descendants of Joseph the son of Israel lived.

30 The sons of Ashʹer were Imʹnah, Ishʹvah, Ishʹvi, and Beriʹah, and their sister was Seʹrah.

31 The sons of Beriʹah were Heʹber and Malʹchiel, who was the father of Birʹzaith.

32 Heʹber became father to Japhʹlet, Shoʹmer, and Hoʹtham, and to Shuʹa their sister.

33 The sons of Japhʹlet were Paʹsach, Bimʹhal, and Ashʹvath. These were the sons of Japhʹlet.

34 The sons of Sheʹmer were Aʹhi, Rohʹgah, Jehubʹbah, and Aʹram.

35 The sons of Heʹlem his brother were Zoʹphah, Imʹna, Sheʹlesh, and Aʹmal.

36 The sons of Zoʹphah were Suʹah, Harʹnepher, Shuʹal, Beʹri, Imʹrah,

37 Beʹzer, Hod, Shamʹma, Shilʹshah, Ithʹran, and Beeʹra.

38 The sons of Jeʹther were Jephunʹneh, Pisʹpah, and Aʹra.

39 The sons of Ulʹla were Aʹrah, Hanʹniel, and Riziʹa.

40 All of these were the sons of Ashʹer, heads of their paternal houses, select, mighty warriors, heads of the chieftains; and their number listed in the genealogical enrollment was 26,000 men in the army available for war.