1 Chronicles 8

1 Benjamin became father to Beʹla his firstborn, Ashʹbel the second, Aharʹah the third,

2 Noʹhah the fourth, and Raʹpha the fifth.

3 Beʹla’s sons were Adʹdar, Geʹra, Abiʹhud,

4 Abishuʹa, Naʹaman, Ahoʹah,

5 Geʹra, Shephuʹphan, and Huʹram.

6 These were the sons of Eʹhud, the heads of the paternal houses of the inhabitants of Geʹba, who were taken into exile to Manʹahath:

7 Naʹaman, Ahiʹjah, and Geʹra—he was the one who took them into exile and he became father to Uzʹza and Ahiʹhud.

8 Shaharaʹim became father to children in the territory of Moʹab after he sent them away. Huʹshim and Baʹara were his wives.

9 And by his wife Hoʹdesh, he became father to Joʹbab, Zibʹia, Meʹsha, Malʹcam,

10 Jeʹuz, Sachiʹa, and Mirʹmah. These were his sons, heads of the paternal houses.

11 By Huʹshim he became father to Abiʹtub and Elpaʹal.

12 And the sons of Elpaʹal were Eʹber, Miʹsham, Sheʹmed (who built Oʹno and Lod and its dependent towns),

13 Beriʹah, and Sheʹma. These were heads of the paternal houses of the inhabitants of Aiʹjalon. These drove out the inhabitants of Gath.

14 And there were Ahiʹo, Shaʹshak, Jerʹemoth,

15 Zebadiʹah, Aʹrad, Eʹder,

16 Miʹchael, Ishʹpah, Joʹha, the sons of Beriʹah;

17 and Zebadiʹah, Meshulʹlam, Hizʹki, Heʹber,

18 Ishʹmerai, Izliʹah, Joʹbab, the sons of Elpaʹal;

19 and Jaʹkim, Zichʹri, Zabʹdi,

20 Elieʹnai, Zilʹlethai, Eʹliel,

21 Adaiʹah, Beraʹiah, Shimʹrath, the sons of Shimʹei;

22 and Ishʹpan, Eʹber, Eʹliel,

23 Abʹdon, Zichʹri, Haʹnan,

24 Hananiʹah, Eʹlam, Anthothiʹjah,

25 Iphdeʹiah, Penuʹel, the sons of Shaʹshak;

26 and Shamʹsherai, Shehariʹah, Athaliʹah,

27 Jaareshiʹah, Eliʹjah, Zichʹri, the sons of Jeroʹham.

28 These were heads of the paternal houses by their descendants. These headmen lived in Jerusalem.

29 The father of Gibʹeon, Jeiʹel, lived in Gibʹeon. His wife’s name was Maʹacah.

30 And his firstborn son was Abʹdon, followed by Zur, Kish, Baʹal, Naʹdab,

31 Geʹdor, Ahiʹo, and Zeʹcher.

32 Mikʹloth became father to Shimʹeah. And they all lived near their brothers in Jerusalem, along with their other brothers.

33 Ner became father to Kish; Kish became father to Saul; Saul became father to Jonʹathan, Malʹchi-shuʹa, Abinʹadab, and Eshbaʹal.

34 And Jonʹathan’s son was Merʹib-baʹal. Merʹib-baʹal became father to Miʹcah.

35 And the sons of Miʹcah were Piʹthon, Melʹech, Tareʹa, and Aʹhaz.

36 Aʹhaz became father to Jehoʹaddah; Jehoʹaddah became father to Alʹemeth, Azʹmaveth, and Zimʹri. Zimʹri became father to Moʹza.

37 Moʹza became father to Binʹea, Raʹphah his son, Eleaʹsah his son, Aʹzel his son.

38 Aʹzel had six sons, and their names were Azriʹkam, Boʹcheru, Ishʹmael, Sheariʹah, Obadiʹah, and Haʹnan. All of these were the sons of Aʹzel.

39 And the sons of his brother Eʹshek were Uʹlam his firstborn, Jeʹush the second, and Eliphʹelet the third.

40 And the sons of Uʹlam were mighty warriors who could handle the bow, and they had many sons and grandsons, numbering 150. All of these were descendants of Benjamin.