1 Kings 11

1 But King Solʹomon loved many foreign women besides the daughter of Pharʹaoh: Moʹabite, Amʹmonite, Eʹdomite, Sidoʹnian, and Hitʹtite women.

2 They were from the nations about whom Jehovah had said to the Israelites: “You must not go in among them, and they should not come in among you, for they will surely incline your heart to follow their gods.” But Solʹomon clung to them and loved them.

3 And he had 700 wives who were princesses and 300 concubines, and his wives gradually inclined his heart.

4 In Solʹomon’s old age, his wives inclined his heart to follow other gods, and his heart was not complete with Jehovah his God like the heart of David his father.

5 And Solʹomon followed after Ashʹtoreth, the goddess of the Sidoʹnians, and Milʹcom, the disgusting god of the Amʹmonites.

6 And Solʹomon did what was bad in the eyes of Jehovah, and he did not follow Jehovah completely as David his father had done.

7 It was then that Solʹomon built a high place to Cheʹmosh, the disgusting god of Moʹab, on the mountain in front of Jerusalem and to Moʹlech, the disgusting god of the Amʹmonites.

8 That was what he did for all his foreign wives who were making sacrificial smoke and sacrificing to their gods.

9 Jehovah became furious at Solʹomon, because his heart had inclined away from Jehovah the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice

10 and had warned him about this very thing, that he should not go after other gods. But he did not obey what Jehovah had commanded.

11 Jehovah now said to Solʹomon: “Because you have done this and you have not kept my covenant and my statutes as I commanded you, I will surely rip the kingdom away from you, and I will give it to one of your servants.

12 However, for the sake of your father David, I will not do it in your lifetime. I will rip it out of the hand of your son,

13 but I will not rip away the entire kingdom. One tribe I will give to your son, for the sake of David my servant and for the sake of Jerusalem, which I have chosen.”

14 Jehovah then raised up a resister against Solʹomon, Haʹdad the Eʹdomite, of the royal family of Eʹdom.

15 When David defeated Eʹdom, Joʹab the chief of the army went up to bury the slain, and he tried to strike down every male in Eʹdom.

16 (For Joʹab and all Israel stayed there for six months until he had done away with every male in Eʹdom.)

17 But Haʹdad fled with some of his father’s Eʹdomite servants, and they went to Egypt; Haʹdad was then a young boy.

18 So they set out from Midʹian and came to Paʹran. They took men with them from Paʹran and came to Egypt, to Pharʹaoh king of Egypt, who gave him a house, assigned him a food allowance, and gave him land.

19 Haʹdad found favor in the eyes of Pharʹaoh, so much so that he gave him in marriage the sister of his own wife, Tahʹpenes the queen.

20 In time the sister of Tahʹpenes bore him a son, Genuʹbath, and Tahʹpenes brought him up in the house of Pharʹaoh, and Genuʹbath remained in the house of Pharʹaoh among the sons of Pharʹaoh.

21 Haʹdad heard in Egypt that David had been laid to rest with his forefathers and that Joʹab the chief of the army had died. So Haʹdad said to Pharʹaoh: “Send me away, so that I may go to my own land.”

22 But Pharʹaoh said to him: “What have you lacked with me that you now seek to go to your own land?” To this he said: “Nothing, but please send me away.”

23 God also raised up against Solʹomon another resister, Reʹzon the son of Eliʹada, who had fled from his lord, Hadadeʹzer the king of Zoʹbah.

24 He gathered men to himself and became chief of a marauder band when David defeated them. So they went to Damascus and settled there and began reigning in Damascus.

25 And he became a resister of Israel all the days of Solʹomon, adding to the harm done by Haʹdad, and he abhorred Israel while he reigned over Syria.

26 And there was Jeroboʹam the son of Neʹbat, an Eʹphraimite from Zerʹedah, a servant of Solʹomon’s whose mother’s name was Zeruʹah, a widow. He too began to rebel against the king.

27 This is why he rebelled against the king: Solʹomon had built the Mound and had closed up the gap of the City of David his father.

28 Now this Jeroboʹam was a capable man. When Solʹomon saw that the young man was a hard worker, he made him overseer over all the compulsory service of the house of Joseph.

29 During that time Jeroboʹam went out from Jerusalem, and the prophet Ahiʹjah the Shiʹlonite found him on the road. Ahiʹjah was wearing a new garment, and the two of them were by themselves in the field.

30 Ahiʹjah took hold of the new garment he was wearing and ripped it into 12 pieces.

31 Then he said to Jeroboʹam: “Take ten pieces for yourself, for this is what Jehovah the God of Israel says: ‘Here I am ripping the kingdom out of the hand of Solʹomon, and I will give you ten tribes.

32 But one tribe will remain his for the sake of my servant David and for the sake of Jerusalem, the city I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel.

33 I will do this because they have left me and are bowing down to Ashʹtoreth the goddess of the Sidoʹnians, to Cheʹmosh the god of Moʹab, and to Milʹcom the god of the Amʹmonites, and they have not walked in my ways by doing what is right in my eyes and observing my statutes and my judgments as his father David did.

34 But I will not take the entire kingdom out of his hand, and I will keep him as a chieftain for all the days of his life, for the sake of David my servant whom I chose, because he obeyed my commandments and my statutes.

35 But I will take the kingship out of the hand of his son and give it to you, that is, ten tribes.

36 To his son I will give one tribe, so that David my servant may always have a lamp before me in Jerusalem, the city that I have chosen for myself as the place to put my name.

37 I will take you, and you will reign over all that you desire, and you will become king over Israel.

38 And if you obey all that I command you and walk in my ways and do what is right in my eyes by obeying my statutes and my commandments, just as David my servant did, I will also be with you. I will build you a lasting house, just as I have built for David, and I will give you Israel.

39 And I will humiliate the offspring of David because of this, but not always.’”

40 So Solʹomon tried to put Jeroboʹam to death, but Jeroboʹam fled to Egypt, to Shiʹshak the king of Egypt, and he remained in Egypt until Solʹomon’s death.

41 As for the rest of the history of Solʹomon, all that he did and his wisdom, is it not written in the book of the history of Solʹomon?

42 The length of Solʹomon’s reign in Jerusalem over all Israel was 40 years.

43 Then Solʹomon was laid to rest with his forefathers and was buried in the City of David his father; and his son Rehoboʹam became king in his place.