Isaiah 15

1 A pronouncement against Moʹab: Because it has been devastated in a night, Ar of Moʹab has been silenced. Because it has been devastated in a night, Kir of Moʹab has been silenced.

2 He has gone up to the House and to Diʹbon, To the high places to weep. Moʹab wails over Neʹbo and over Medʹeba. Every head is shaved bald, every beard is clipped.

3 In its streets they have put on sackcloth. On their roofs and in their public squares they all wail; They go down weeping.

4 Heshʹbon and Eleaʹleh cry out; Their voice is heard as far as Jaʹhaz. That is why the armed men of Moʹab keep shouting. He is trembling.

5 My heart cries out over Moʹab. Its fugitives have fled as far as Zoʹar and Egʹlath-sheliʹshiyah. On the ascent of Luʹhith they weep as they go up; On the way to Horonaʹim they cry out over the catastrophe.

6 For the waters of Nimʹrim are desolate; The green grass has dried up, The grass is gone and nothing green is left.

7 That is why they are carrying away what is left of their stores and their riches; They are crossing the valley of poplars.

8 For the outcry echoes throughout the territory of Moʹab. The wailing reaches to Eglaʹim; The wailing reaches to Beʹer-eʹlim.

9 For the waters of Diʹmon are full of blood, And I have more in store for Diʹmon: A lion for those of Moʹab who escape And for those remaining in the land.