Psalm 41

1 A melody of David.
Happy is anyone who shows consideration to the lowly one; Jehovah will rescue him in the day of calamity.

2 Jehovah will guard him and keep him alive. He will be pronounced happy in the earth; You will never turn him over to the will of his enemies.

3 Jehovah will sustain him on his sickbed; During his sickness you will completely change his bed.

4 For I said: “O Jehovah, show me favor. Heal me, for I have sinned against you.”

5 But my enemies speak evil about me: “When will he die and his name perish?”

6 If one of them comes to see me, his heart speaks falsely. He gathers something harmful to say; Then he goes out and spreads it abroad.

7 All those who hate me whisper to one another; They are scheming something bad against me:

8 “A dreadful thing has overtaken him; Now that he is down, he will not rise again.”

9 Even the man at peace with me, one whom I trusted, Who was eating my bread, has lifted his heel against me.

10 But you, O Jehovah, show me favor and raise me up, So that I may repay them.

11 By this I will know that you are pleased with me: When my enemy cannot shout in triumph over me.

12 As for me, you uphold me because of my integrity; You will keep me in your presence forever.

13 May Jehovah, the God of Israel, be praised Throughout all eternity. Truly and truly!